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Demi XFM radio No.1 anda.

Demi XFM radio No.1 anda.

this blog owner by malaysian people.

this blog owner by malaysian people.

Friday, June 29, 2012

I push my fingers into my EYES!!!

I push my fingers into my EYES!!!
It's the only thing that slowly stops the ache,
But it's made of all the things I have to take,
it never ends, it works it's way inside,
If the pain goes on,
i gonna be Aaaaaaaah!

I have screamed until my veins collapsed,
I've waited as my time's elapsed,
Now, all I do is live with so much hate,
I've wished for this, I've bitched at that,
I've left behind this little fact,

You cannot kill what you did not create,
I've gotta say what I've gotta say,
And then I swear I'll go away,
But I can't promise you'll enjoy the noise,
I guess I'll save the best for last,
My future seems like one big past,
You're left with me 'cause you left me no choice.

I push my fingers into my EYES!!!
It's the only thing that slowly stops the ache,
If the pain goes on,
I'm not gonna make it!

Put me back together,
Or separate the skin from bone,
Leave me all the Pieces, 

Then you can leave me alone,
Tell me the reality is better than the dream,
But I found out the hard way,
Nothing is what it seems!

All I've got,
all I've got is insane,

All I've got,
all I've got is insane,

All I've got just the,
all I've got is INSANE!!

All I've got just the,
all I've got is INSANE!!

If the pain still count to goes on,


LOVE the "love me butch"

Love Me Butch merupakan sebuah band 'post-hardcore' malaysia yang terdiri dari 3 bangsa majoriti malaysia. iaitu, melayu, cina dan india. mereka menguatkan silaturrahim dalam sebuah band tanpa mengira bangsa dan agama. ini baru betul menunjukkan kekuatan 1 malaysia yang juga dipupuk dalam band 'pop-punk' kita iaitu Pop Shuvit.

anyway, LMB terdiri daripada Syarul Reza (Vox), Wing Meng (Guit), Kevin Kong (Bass), Jana Nair (Drum).

sebelum ini mereka terdiri daripada drummer yg bernama Winder Singh. akan tetapi Winder telah mengangkat kaki keluar dari LMB dan digantikan oleh Jana pada tahun 2009.

pada asalnya mereka Reza,Wing,Kong,Winder bersekolah di sekolah yang sama di seksyen 18 shah alam. dan ketika itu mereka amat menyukai muzik sehingga mereka selalu cover lagu-lagu band kegemaran sehingga mereka tampak serius dalam industri muzik. dan akhirnya mereka menubuhkan LMB pada tahun 1998 dan mengukuhkannya sehingga kini.

band LMB telah banyak tercalon dalam anugerah muzik di malaysia. antaranya ialah :

  • No. 1 Levis Top 25 Pick @ Music One (Philippines)
  • Best Independent Band 2005 - ROTTW Magazine Poll 2005
  • Best Hardcore/Punk 2005 - ROTTW Magazine Poll 2005
  • Best Live Performance 2005 - ROTTW Magazine Poll 2005
  • Most Exciting Band of 2005 - ROTTW Magazine Poll 2005
  • No. 1 on (Japan) Charts for 7 weeks
  • Top 30 MTV Thailand International Charts for 4 weeks
  • No. 3 on Urban Top 20 List, year 2002 – Tone Magazine
  • Best New English Artiste of 2002 - AIM Awards

LMB juga telah berjaya memperoleh kejayaan dalam bidang ini. dan antara pencapaian mereka adalah :

  • Nominated for Best Rock 2006- Malaysia English Top 10 Awards by Hitz.FM
  • Nominated for Best Video 2006- Malaysia English Top 10 Awards by Hitz.FM Nominated for Best Music Video 2006 - AIM Awards
  • Nominated for Best Artist - ROTTW Magazine Poll 2005
  • Nominated for Best Band - ROTTW Magazine Poll 2005
  • Nominated for Best Album - ROTTW Magazine Poll 2005
  • Nominated for Best Video - ROTTW Magazine Poll 2005
  • Nominated for Best Album Cover - ROTTW Magazine Poll 2005
  • Nominated for Best Alternative - ROTTW Magazine Poll 2005
  • Nominated for Best Song - ROTTW Magazine Poll 2005
  • Nominated for Best Engineered Album of 2002 - AIM Awards
  • Nominated for Best Produced English Album of 2002 - AIM Awards

band LMB banyak mengunakan gear yang mengagumkan dalam penghasilan muzik mereka.
gear yang dipakai oleh Jana Nair yg merupakan Drummer bagi LMB adalah :
-Zildjian cymbals, Pearl eliminator double pedal, Vic firth sticks, Gretsch drums

gear Kevin Kong pemain Bass:
-Charvel, Fender Jazz, Fender precision, Fujigen precision, Korg tuner, Line 6 wireless system, Ernie ball string, Planet wave cable, Jim dunlop picks.

gear bagi Wing Meng pemain Gitar utama :
-Gibson SG standard (putih/hitam), Gibson SG double neck, Gibson explorer, Gibsonles paul traditional, Epiphone black beauty, FGn expert flame, Fender telecaster, Ibanez RG, Fender precision bass, Charvel, Yamaha acoustic, Maxon OD808, Ibanez tube screamer, Boss sniff shifter PS3, Boss delay DD3, Boss compression, Palmer pocket amp, Jim dunlop wah, Danelectro flanger, Rocktron hush, Hugh & kettner tubeman, Korg tuner, Line 6 delay DL4, Line 6 wireless, George L's cables, Mogami cables, ENGL e530 pre-amp, Rithan amplifications, Apogee duet, Little lab red eyes, WAVES PLUGIN, Guitar rigs.

Baru-baru ini mereka telah mengeluarkan satu lagi album yang bertajuk "Worldwide Transgression" yang memuatkan banyak single terbaru mereka selain daripada :
-knock yourself out,
-knee deep in,
-for what it's worth,
-come out, come out,
-the promise,
-in honor & gratitude,
-generation S.O.S,
-we all you've got.

oleh itu @wanchords linkkan LMB kepada pembaca kepada FB dan Tweet mereka. juga YouTube.

ini adalah lagu mereka yg bertajuk "We All You've Got" (lyrics).

#p/s: All credit goes to LMB. they have the real Copyright.


Shima the Lefthanded girls.!!

while as i walk in the valley of the busy networking, this girl just took my words to make a new blog. and she is the lefthanded as same as i am. she may the non-copy-right followed my officially style in writing. i don't even think and may thought she the one of the art-er person in real life. she may have talent to draw in withdrawn at the white blank paper. but it may kindergarten style certificate.

she made one blog called "i the lefthanded girl" with the wide topics from talk about others and may talk about religion. she may better in otherwise she crazy as high stoner bob marley smoking weed.

she have a ton of fun laugh all the tweet went crazy as like nothing happen and she dont even care what she doing and happen.

so lets have a look at her blog and mess up with her carpet up.

this is the main of the crazy blog.

wanna go through there? click this ---->> #TheLefthandedGirlShiema

thanks for read the what-so-ever entry made by wanchords. @Xh4voc3rX


Saturday, June 16, 2012

100 Reason why i went to SM Teknik Jengka Border School.

1) learning. 2) friends. 3) teachers. 4) skilled. 5) naughty. 6) happy. 7) copyright answer in exam. 8) free haircut (both teacher and friends). 9) learn to fly. 10) messing room. 

11) cleaning room. 12) unlock locker. 13) learnt how to hide handphone during spotcheck. 14) smoke in the toilet, school, room, field. 15) learnt how to contraband the cigarettes into the schools. 16) prepare the ass for punishment. 17) learnt to wash the cloth by your own. 18) prep is time to sleep. 19) sleep time is wake up time. 20) share the bath toghether.

21) fight for your right. 21) listen and love new music. 22) prank for birthday. 23) learnt to hate senior. 24) throw the speak hate. 25) lights off when 11pm but our eyes closed at 3 am. 26) shared for kindness. 27) phone is shared to used but not the credit. 28) crazy for bluetooth items. 29) cloth are the compulsary items to shared. 30) back up friends when spotcheck going on. 

31) wake up earlier from bed at 6+ am. 32) school time is bed time cont. 33) went to clinic to skip the class. 34) went to clinic to smoke.35) outing is our freedom time. 36) went to town just to online our myspace. 37) social network is the important thing to have one. 38) big sentences at t shirt is trended with words "i love my mom". 39) music lover is respected. 40) cigar sold with RM 2 for 3.

41) wiston red box is the main cigarettes to smoke. 42) holiday is the real sleep time. 43) smart friends will never been touched. 44) before bath we need to smoke again. 45 after dinner went to pray. 46) another cigar time. 47) task is copyright down.48) bald is the protest sign to our teacher. 49) eng drawing items draw is need to be shared. 50) compasses never been dart.

51) porn in school is needed always. 52) love in school always shown. 53) couple is trended until now. 54) rank is not important to us be frens. 55) couple is beauty when school. 56) colorful socks is fav of girls. 57) colorful of scarf also need for girls. 58) eyeliners is toy for boys. 59) art is on the face. 60) white school uniform is shit.

61) white shirt and green pants school uniform is unusual. 62) purple shirt, black shirt is usual in technique school. 63) white/yellow with vest/purple/blue shirt with black pants is the best. 64) simple bag is trended widely in school65) table is to placed our head and books. 66) locker in class in just our store. 67) library is the placed to make fun all of us. 68) digital room is a place to rest. 69) after rest time, toilet time. 70) toilet time = smoke time. 

71) bell ring time our move in 10 minutes times. 72) class time back to sleep
73) back time is zohor time 74) zohor time is our skip time. 75) skip time = lunch time. 76) after lunch another smoke time. 77) after smoke time, bath time 78) then prep class time. 79) prep = sleep in comfort bed time. 80) asar time for 5 minute then play time. 

81) compulsary to play takraw, rugby, football, tennis, badminton.82) rugby is torture play time. 83) rugby is always been susp by the manage of school. 84) dinner time is the time to torture. 85) bath time is time to smoke. *again*? 86) bath time is singing time.87) night time is SMS time. 88) night time is call time. 89) night time is to recharge the phone batt time. 90) night time is our talktime

91) warden shown then we sleep. 92) warden gone back awake. 93 warden out from the hostel, our next freedom night. 94) lab time is to have a sleep time. 95) lab time is Q & A time. 96) lab time is another talktime. 97) after prep time, night drink time. 98) after prep time, sosej time at warden house. 99) after prep time, another smoke time. 

100) what ever goes in teknik border school, we never forget the spm task. we never lack of attention to the date come pass by. we leave the day and date of the finished spm. but IMPORTANTLY. we never forget each other. although he/she is the ex of ours.

Finished 100 learnt hard die at technique border school.


Saturday, June 9, 2012

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’

• Nevermind has secret lyrics and no one knows what they mean.

In the poem that Cobain assembled for the liner notes, amid snippets of Nevermind song lyrics, there are two lines that don't appear anywhere on the album: "At the end of the rainbow and your rope" and "The second coming came in last and out of the closet." These two sentences have puzzled Nirvana fans for 20 years. Are they lines from songs intended for the album but didn't make the cut? Early lyrics from Nevermind songs that were later rewritten? Or was Cobain just messing with everybody?

Sadly, unless Dave Grohl or Krist Novoselic step up with an explanation, this question will probably go unanswered. Everything that was recorded during the Nevermind era has been released or bootlegged, so it's unlikely these lyrics were taken from two songs that remain unreleased. They're probably early lyrics that were replaced when the album was officially recorded at Smart Studios. The "Boombox Demos" on the new Nevermind reissue reveal that songs like "On a Plain" and "Lounge Act" had different words than their finished products, so those two mysterious lines were likely victims of Cobain's lyrical indecision. Or, maybe not. This secret has gone unsolved for 20 years, so don't expect the truth anytime soon.

• Dave Grohl isn't the only drummer on Nevermind.

Nirvana's early years featured a revolving door of drummers: Aaron Burckhard, Melvins' Dale Crover, Mudhoney's Dan Peters, Dave Foster, and Chad Channing all enjoyed stints with Cobain's crew before Grohl took over for good in late 1990. Channing was the drummer for the majority of Nirvana's Bleach, and he was with the band when Cobain and Novoselic went to producer Butch Vig's Wisconsin studio to record demos for Nevermind in April 1990.
When Grohl's hardcore band Scream broke up, he replaced Channing, who was having creative differences with Cobain. The band reentered Smart Studios and re-recorded all the Nevermind songs... except "Polly." That pre-Grohl April 1990 demo recording made the final track list, and while there are no drums on that track, it's an uncredited Channing who hits the cymbal each time before the chorus. Channing might be the Pete Best of Nirvana, but even hitting a cymbal on "Polly" is an awesome claim to fame.

• There's a photo of Kiss hidden in the Nevermind artwork.

Squint your eyes and look deep into that photo of a "monkey in hell" on the back of the Nevermindjewel case. See anything unusual, like four grown men dressed in clown makeup? Cobain himself took that picture of a plastic monkey surrounded by a collage of Dante's Inferno paintings (using his heavily disguised pseudonym "Kurdt Kobain"). But here's what you probably can't see: Cobain once revealed in Nevermind It's an Interview, "If you look real close, there's a picture of Kiss in the back, standing on a slab of beef."

It's nearly impossible to see it, but blur your eyes enough and stare above the monkey's head like it's 3D Art. It may be The Amp's imagination, but what looks like a reddened version of Kiss' Destroyer cover slightly emerges. In the age of vinyl records, this would've been more apparent, but the shrunken artwork on cassettes and CDs kept this little surprise hidden.

• Nevermind was once called Sheep and "Breed" was named after diarrhea medication.

Just as Nevermind's lyrics underwent significant revisions, so did the album's name and song titles. "Polly" was briefly called "Hitchhiker" and "Cracker" before Cobain settled on the girl's name. When "Breed" was first demoed in April 1990, it bore the name "Immodium," the medication Cobain often relied on to ease his stomach problems (he was diagnosed with Crohn's disease; he also spelled Imodium with three m's for some reason). "Stay Away" was originally recorded as "Pay to Play," and that line was even sung in the chorus (this version is on the reissue). But having just signed a major label deal with DGC, that song became hypocritical (and rubbed execs the wrong way) and "Stay Away" was born.
As for Nevermind, that almost wasn't even the title. Cobain originally envisioned the LP being calledSheep, which was in line with his thoughts on conformity. "Because you want to not; because everyone else is," Cobain wrote of "Sheep" in his journal. However, the band instead decided on a phrase that was more apropos of Generation X and its slacker masses: Nevermind. That wasn't even a word before Nirvana came along -- "never mind," two words, is grammatically correct -- but that's all changed now.

• The baby on the cover wasn't really fishing for a dollar.

What, you thought some mother let her infant son be submerged in a pool with a $1 bill on a hook? Someone in the DGC art department added the single on a fishing line to Kirk Weddle's now-famous photograph. As for the controversial decision to include the baby's penis on the cover, Cobain would only allow it to be censored on one condition: A sticker was placed on the cover that read "If you're offended by this, you must be a closet pedophile." Thankfully, the art was left unedited, andNevermind went on to become one of the most iconic album covers ever.


Friday, June 1, 2012

how to get window 8 start screen on WINDOW 7

Steps to follow:

Step 1 : Initially, Download the Rainmeter Software and install it.

Step 2 : Now download a skin, say Omnimo 4.1 for Rainmeter.

Step 3 : Install the skin i.e., double click Omnimo.rmskin file.

Step 4 : Once the skin is installed, run the rainmeter and you can have the tile based view of Windows 8. Now, you can customize the start screen like adding panels, arranging them in the order you wish etc.

This is it and you have Windows 8 Start Screen on Windows 7.

Leave your footstep!!