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Demi XFM radio No.1 anda.

this blog owner by malaysian people.

this blog owner by malaysian people.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

100 Reason why i went to SM Teknik Jengka Border School.

1) learning. 2) friends. 3) teachers. 4) skilled. 5) naughty. 6) happy. 7) copyright answer in exam. 8) free haircut (both teacher and friends). 9) learn to fly. 10) messing room. 

11) cleaning room. 12) unlock locker. 13) learnt how to hide handphone during spotcheck. 14) smoke in the toilet, school, room, field. 15) learnt how to contraband the cigarettes into the schools. 16) prepare the ass for punishment. 17) learnt to wash the cloth by your own. 18) prep is time to sleep. 19) sleep time is wake up time. 20) share the bath toghether.

21) fight for your right. 21) listen and love new music. 22) prank for birthday. 23) learnt to hate senior. 24) throw the speak hate. 25) lights off when 11pm but our eyes closed at 3 am. 26) shared for kindness. 27) phone is shared to used but not the credit. 28) crazy for bluetooth items. 29) cloth are the compulsary items to shared. 30) back up friends when spotcheck going on. 

31) wake up earlier from bed at 6+ am. 32) school time is bed time cont. 33) went to clinic to skip the class. 34) went to clinic to smoke.35) outing is our freedom time. 36) went to town just to online our myspace. 37) social network is the important thing to have one. 38) big sentences at t shirt is trended with words "i love my mom". 39) music lover is respected. 40) cigar sold with RM 2 for 3.

41) wiston red box is the main cigarettes to smoke. 42) holiday is the real sleep time. 43) smart friends will never been touched. 44) before bath we need to smoke again. 45 after dinner went to pray. 46) another cigar time. 47) task is copyright down.48) bald is the protest sign to our teacher. 49) eng drawing items draw is need to be shared. 50) compasses never been dart.

51) porn in school is needed always. 52) love in school always shown. 53) couple is trended until now. 54) rank is not important to us be frens. 55) couple is beauty when school. 56) colorful socks is fav of girls. 57) colorful of scarf also need for girls. 58) eyeliners is toy for boys. 59) art is on the face. 60) white school uniform is shit.

61) white shirt and green pants school uniform is unusual. 62) purple shirt, black shirt is usual in technique school. 63) white/yellow with vest/purple/blue shirt with black pants is the best. 64) simple bag is trended widely in school65) table is to placed our head and books. 66) locker in class in just our store. 67) library is the placed to make fun all of us. 68) digital room is a place to rest. 69) after rest time, toilet time. 70) toilet time = smoke time. 

71) bell ring time our move in 10 minutes times. 72) class time back to sleep
73) back time is zohor time 74) zohor time is our skip time. 75) skip time = lunch time. 76) after lunch another smoke time. 77) after smoke time, bath time 78) then prep class time. 79) prep = sleep in comfort bed time. 80) asar time for 5 minute then play time. 

81) compulsary to play takraw, rugby, football, tennis, badminton.82) rugby is torture play time. 83) rugby is always been susp by the manage of school. 84) dinner time is the time to torture. 85) bath time is time to smoke. *again*? 86) bath time is singing time.87) night time is SMS time. 88) night time is call time. 89) night time is to recharge the phone batt time. 90) night time is our talktime

91) warden shown then we sleep. 92) warden gone back awake. 93 warden out from the hostel, our next freedom night. 94) lab time is to have a sleep time. 95) lab time is Q & A time. 96) lab time is another talktime. 97) after prep time, night drink time. 98) after prep time, sosej time at warden house. 99) after prep time, another smoke time. 

100) what ever goes in teknik border school, we never forget the spm task. we never lack of attention to the date come pass by. we leave the day and date of the finished spm. but IMPORTANTLY. we never forget each other. although he/she is the ex of ours.

Finished 100 learnt hard die at technique border school.


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