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Demi XFM radio No.1 anda.

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this blog owner by malaysian people.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

im back!

too many days i left this place emptiness.

so i am back for a few entries.

stay tune. you will see I dance all around you!


Sunday, December 22, 2013

If you ain't sleeping, You may not have sense of Humor.

well, as the opening, good morning/afternoon/evening.

as i mentioned up there at the tittle, "If you ain't sleeping, You may not have sense of Humor." just about our routine day in making life go better. yeah better, what am i mean with the better, well, you know, recharge, re-energize, revive, restart, remake, redo, re-instead, re-calm, and etc about our life.

we are just like the machine, when it overload, it will hang up and cause stuck, jammed, hanged, stopped, paused, lagged, and etc. they may have one main option for that is restart. and may another is remake the programs.

well, just like our body, if we stand to failed the progress, we need another source to calm ourselves down. what i real meant is sleeping. what is sleeping mean to us is a lot of real thing. when we having hanged on the progress we making, we need and may must to moist ourselves up with the sleep. it is to recharge and restart ourselves to continuing the progress and done it.

just about the sleep. well, what kind sleep of you all, class-sleepers? empty-room-sleepers? outsiders-sleepers? or etc. what am i mean with sense of humor. well, have you ever mirror-ed your self with the glorious day of yours. ? how did you sleeping when you at the time struggled to adapt and adopt the education which cost you lot of things?

well maybe i did. i sleep very fluently in class. class is the room made me been the best sleeper. what ever condition, hot, cold, warm, i will sleep in peace. while the teacher, lecturer, instructor, have already remind, advice me about all of that, i still on the main of peace-temporary-death.

the best is, the position of my half-death. lot of position i already made. zombie, rugby player, baby, table-facepalm. hand-face-numb, etc. i cant remember all of it. but shit-happens, it was. when i remember back, it was ashamed me off. very funny. and our friends will cap the picture just as we didnt realized when.

well, that is it. funny to remember back when i'm at school, high-school, college, university.

maybe today just the same stories. but with different chapter.


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Another day Is Another stories.


Lot of things may already you teach me up. start from appreciate something, love, fun, smiling, be happy, and anything else really related. but today, the things all mentioned were finally demolished, vanished and gone.

since i never knew who are you, until today, you and me met at unofficially in real person at bus station with my late friend. hold me and you lot of stories.

i once already left you out. because of my act that brought you to broken heart. but believe me, it wasnt what i ever wanted. i want to test. and yes, i've been replied with an uncomfortable stories. when i heard you already found a successor for me. in case that. i am sorry.

then god set us another meet. at the middle of the big city. we've been spent time watched the movie Despicable me 2. and we set another farewell after that.

soon, not so soon. we already face another time. and that time i really wanted you back. want you be back in my life. we set the date at very our own places. happy, tears, sweat, we already got through.

but now, you already turned your back on me. and the things unsettled. we not be back as usual. and i already dead. not phisically, but mentally. my heart, feelings, love. all dead! ! ! DEAD!!

mention back


and now my self turn up to darken!!


only mudvayne set me to understand.

but it is too late.


because i am dead!!

sorry for the inconveniences.

my self made this consequences.

you never got wrong. but actually i am. and for the records. my hearts dead not for you!

my heart beat also never been calm as ever.

another day is another stories.


Friday, October 25, 2013

The Names. Of. Me

have you ever heard a lot of name sound and just to represent to you only one person. well I did. I take the example to show,

do you all have ever heard the name of Eminem? the greatest rapper among of the rappers around the world? King of rap? well, if you still in blur and undefined, take a shot to google page and try to google it.

why I take him as example? well he have lot of name. but only represent himself in many ways.

his real name is Marshall. but the other ways, he also known as, B-Rabbit, Slim Shaddy, Jimmy Smith, Eminem, and the D12 lead.

well, I am too. my name have lot of stories. as you all know, my real name is Ikhwan. but i have a lot of the different name being used all the time. some of it, still on use, and the other some, maybe long lost forgotten by the people.

my name once been called by people is, Ewan (usually), Os, Ben, Captain, Respect, Mudvayne, Vayne, Wayne, Kurt, Zack, Zakryz.

lot of stories i need to explain how I got the names. lot of it just based on my character being shown. and the make a present to give me that nick. so there you go. it called.

start from 2005, till now, I have unofficial 11 names. well, what can I do. just sit still n do play possum when i didnt like that. but i always positive on it. haha..

so now at 2013, people just use to call me Zakryz. and , if you wanna shake with me, call me Zakryz. okay.

peace out posses,

boot to assess.



Thursday, October 17, 2013

Long lost history, Back to be hobby.

Blackshot, the not-so-new-kind of game. officially released as I remembered at the year of 2011. if I'm not mistaken the date. Fyi, this game i already learnt from the gamer called wan schon. the real-deal-addict person to the game world. and yet he teach me to as good as challenger to color the game's world with me included in.

And yeah, I've started playing this game and became more amateur in beating another shooter person. but well, you need to know, however you think you pros, there are more than you. more powerful, more speed, more competable, more accurate, more non-lenient in order to make us down. what i really mean is, to get you back respawn. well, that is gaming.

and now i am back. back in this 2013 year date at october try to sharping back my move with my new profile. once my character were named as Vaynes26, HighstoneOX, BlueStoneDropper, WaynerWeiller. n you all know what? i forgot the all things. clearly the profile password which i really forgotten. now Im officially with new built character, i named it as StoneOX only. back to the glory. i choosed the speed character instead of defending ability character.


because i love to gamble gentle to tank the front row of suicide mission. care of what? we'll be back respawning after being killed in the places. so afraid of nothing to be tankers and gentle to pull the trigger of weapon we purchased at closer distance. if you afraid to get killed, well, you need to purchase one more thing what i usual do, buy the gear. to protect yourself from getting early killed.

that is what I really love to do.

so , i am now back with blackshot. anybody love to play along with me, just type ZakryStrike at garena plus to lead you to my garena account. and my blackshot character is StoneOX.

enough writting till here.

see ya.



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