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Demi XFM radio No.1 anda.

this blog owner by malaysian people.

this blog owner by malaysian people.

Monday, January 14, 2013


i know it is hard to be ME!

i know everything words gonna throw to. to whom, for what, and causes of what?

did you ever feel? felt? fear? how hard to see if ME gonna change to something else?
did ever feel any word that un-nice will spread to the air medium bring us to the hell of hate?
did you ever thought, think, imagine? if ME gonna be a beast?
did you? or did you not?
feel? the air of emptiness inside of the dark will bless us with pandemonium?
will you gonna hate me?
will you gonna hazed me?
will you gonna chase me away, out?
will ya?

i know hard to be something that initialized it as me.

i know.

everyday i feel it. worst to be breath than un-breath!
worst to be stand thou than commit end of life manually by my own hand.

it is hard!

hard as FUCK to be FUCKING ME!

and whatsoever in any cost , ME still gonna be ME!

i never changed!! YET!

and i need SOMEONE to be part of me and change me up!

Leave your footstep!!