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Demi XFM radio No.1 anda.

this blog owner by malaysian people.

this blog owner by malaysian people.

Friday, October 25, 2013

The Names. Of. Me

have you ever heard a lot of name sound and just to represent to you only one person. well I did. I take the example to show,

do you all have ever heard the name of Eminem? the greatest rapper among of the rappers around the world? King of rap? well, if you still in blur and undefined, take a shot to google page and try to google it.

why I take him as example? well he have lot of name. but only represent himself in many ways.

his real name is Marshall. but the other ways, he also known as, B-Rabbit, Slim Shaddy, Jimmy Smith, Eminem, and the D12 lead.

well, I am too. my name have lot of stories. as you all know, my real name is Ikhwan. but i have a lot of the different name being used all the time. some of it, still on use, and the other some, maybe long lost forgotten by the people.

my name once been called by people is, Ewan (usually), Os, Ben, Captain, Respect, Mudvayne, Vayne, Wayne, Kurt, Zack, Zakryz.

lot of stories i need to explain how I got the names. lot of it just based on my character being shown. and the make a present to give me that nick. so there you go. it called.

start from 2005, till now, I have unofficial 11 names. well, what can I do. just sit still n do play possum when i didnt like that. but i always positive on it. haha..

so now at 2013, people just use to call me Zakryz. and , if you wanna shake with me, call me Zakryz. okay.

peace out posses,

boot to assess.



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